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Aqua Doll: Luella Spring 2008

    Luella. Luella. A name so nice you have to say it twice!! I love the frillyyy tulle skirt underneath in the first photo and the cartoon of Batman on the second. S '08.


Christian Louboutin Love

    A pastel pastry of a dream. No?


Tallulah's Town

    Russh Magazine, March/April 2009


Claudia Schiffer

    Shot by Ellen von Unwerth. Check out the Louboutins!


Wang Gang!

    A look at some of Alexanders Wang's shoes.

    Source: ?????


    Valentine Fillol Cordier is a very cool girl.


Sky Captain

    Gwyneth Paltrow is a beautiful and strong woman.



    I miss these two. Nick and Jessica Simpson.


Beautiful Girls

Emily Blunt

    The glitzy chandelier, her backless dress, the angle. I'm so inspired and in love with this photo. Love it!


6 Things

    My favorite person/model. Dree Hemingway. (source)

    Thanks Fashion Tidbits for being my first Tagger!

    1 I sucked my thumb (to sleep) until I was 21 years old. (I plan to quit at 21.)
    2 I cannot stand to eat with loud people hovering nearby.
    3 My favorite cheeseball song is Funky Town by Alvin & the Chipmunks.
    4 I listen to my music LOUDDDD!
    5 Blogs are taking over the world, I hope to be a small part of that movement!!!
    6 When I like a guy, I like everything he likes.

    I don't know that many bloggers yet so whoever wants to do this then I tag you too.

Cassie Gardner

Anja Rubik in Docs

Look at You, You're Young, Having so Much Fun

    Ashley Olsen arrives at the Reopening of the Museum. (Nov. 2007)


Dree Hemingway

The Sound that Comes from Silence is Music

    Erin Wasson. RVCA 2009 at Fashion Week.

    (source) & (source)

Eugenia Volodina


Cassie Gardner in Russh mag

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