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Snejana Overload

    black and white beauty shot

    at Nina Ricci Fall/Winter 2007-2008

    Balmain Princess

    Snejana Onopka needs to take over the Fashion World. In my eyes she's a Top Model. Giselse Bündchen who?


Chanel Christmas

    hello, world, it's Audrey.

    Chanel Iman for h&m Holiday.


Wishful Thinking

    daisy lowe in leopard

    keira knightley in atonement

    What I want to be wearing this Thanksgiving Holiday. A mish-mash of cool and laid-back with a slight 40's throwback. Yes.



Shoe Lust @ Free People

    A little bit Chloë Sevigny x Opening Ceremony, eh? here

    Isabel Marant, anyone? here

    Studs, bleach black & Frye. here

    Can't you see Kate Bosworth in these? So Chloé. here

    Black brogues + Halloween tights. here

    Floral docs. Please! here

    Can I have them all?

Paging Carrie Bradshaw.

    Paging Carrie Bradshaw. SJP in Docs for December's ELLE. She's a little old for this trend, no? But... I like it a lot anyway. Maybe Carrie will wear some on Sex and The City sometime..


Image of the Day

Lily Aldridge: walks for Victoria's Secret

    SHE MADE IT! There's a new Angel in Town.



    Who knew that kid from Degrassi would make it this big and in music? He's cuter now than he was then. Don't you agree? I'm not fond of rap lyrics filled with curse words or anything anti-women, meaningless or demeaning but I can give credit to a good beat and a nice rhyme. I also can't seem to get enough of (clean versions) Houstatlantavegas, Successful (featuring Lil'Wayne) and Best I Ever Had. Plus, he looks pretty dope in those shades. ;)


Daul Kim

    Daul Kim RIP.
    Only 20 years old? :(


Blake Lively: has a Secret

    Meet Robyn Lively.

    I learned a little something new about Serena van der Woodsen or maybe I should say her actor, Blake Lively.... I learned that 80's Teen Superstar and Teen Witch actress, Robyn Lively is her older sister. Did you know that?

Stroup, kinda. .

    Jessica Stroup? No, but damn near close. Yes?

Platforms, Sequins & Fishnets

    The Charles Anastase boots. OMGGGGG.

    Scanned by me from Nylon November 2009.
    Photography by: Bella Howard. Models: Grace Small and Tegen at Storm.

Top of the World

    Life is lived once right, so why not be on Top of it All? And here I am, falling for Cameron Smith photography of " It girls at play. Making a name for themselves. " Oh and, I want some Doc Martens like pronto. Now!

Naomi Shimada

    Red lips are to makeup what Mouse ears are to Mickey. Um, signature, classic, branded, iconic. Just like the blazer. Thank you.


Gone Gaga!

    Thoughts on Lady Gaga's new Music Video, Bad Romance? I'm not that into this song in particular but her style has me crazed, or should I say going Gaga!?

    Gaga adds with a wink in her eye, “And, now, I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.”

    (youtube, google.images, LadyGaga)

A is for Alexa. R is for Rihanna and Roulette.

    Rihanna's most talked about appearance these days is her interview about the Chris Brown incident. But for me it was her appearance on Alexa Chung. Check out the full length clips here, here and here. -thanks, Erika. Who else awaits "Rated R" to drop with bated breath?

    (dailymotion, tfs)

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