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Silver Streak

    "You'll learn to dig me, trust me."

    "You can call me Erin, but I won't respond."

    "That's what a blog is supposed to do: cause problems."

    "There's a whole world outside of Beverly Hills."

    "I just like being different. That's how I'm made."

    "How hard can it be? Look: lights on, lights off. Done."

    "I'm a strange girl whose gonna have the most rockingest half birthday ever!"

    "School is hard enough as it is without my sister banging the teacher."

    "Naomi and Ethan. It's like they're addicted to each other."

    "It's chic to look post-rehab, didn't you know?"

    "What's an after school special?"

    "See ya around, Cheetah Girls. Try not to break a nail!"

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