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Questions Answered!

    What do you do when you aren't blogging? :)
    I listen to music, go to school, ride my bike and hang out with friends.

    Can we see your face, a picture?
    I like being anonymous online, but I will say I'm 5'9", dirty blonde and a Marc Jacobs addict- if you spot me, I'm usually in a beat up leather jacket over a Marc Jacobs dress.

    Do you plan to have a career in fashion? If not, then what field are you planning to work in?
    I'm actually studying Fashion and would love to work in Marketing and PR.

    What was the reason that you started your blog? Have any opportunities come of it?
    I love pictures. They connect with me in a way Art does for some. I find it amazing that so many emotions, thoughts and inspiration can come through so many images. I wanted to share them with everyone. I have made many fans, friends and I have so much fun along the way.

    How old are you? Are you going to school, do you work?
    I'm 20. I go to school. I used to work at American Apparel.

    Any New years resolutions?
    Buy Docs and meet Anna Wintour.

    Hey, Before the Mika song - blame it on the girls, you had one very good song .. something about horses... I wanted to write it down, but I forgot. Can you help me? :)
    Band of Horses I can't remember the title of the song though might've been The Funeral? :)

    Who's your favorite designer?
    Miuccia Prada

    How exactly did you get so many followers? Was it hard to get people to follow you in the begining?
    Not sure, really. I just started up the page and people started coming. I'm so glad you all did. :)

    Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
    Sounds cliche, but everywhere and anything.

    what are your favorite blog sites?
    Studded Hearts, Knight Cat, Fashion Canvas, Our Hell and Fashion Chalet

    Who inspires you personally? What makes you put a blog post up? :)
    Music and nature. Models, Street Style, the works!

    Do you have a boyfriend?

    Where do you shop?
    All over and online

    Who would you like to meet?
    Mary Kate Olsen

    5 favorite blogs?
    *see above*

    How did you get your blog sponsored by other websites?
    Not really sure. I get emails.

    Has your blog ever been featured in magazines or other websites?
    Yes, I was really excited to be featured among so many great bloggers on StyleCaster and recently did an interview for Z!NK magazine..

    Do you have a celebrity crush? If so who?
    Jake Gyllenhaal

    What is your favorite fashion movie?
    Rear Window

    Favorite movie?
    Roman Holiday

    Favorite book?
    To Kill a Mocking Bird

    Favorite model?
    Snejana Onopka

    What do you wear on a daily basis?
    Dresses with jackets, boots, leather bags, vintage hats, sometimes flats..

    what do you eat?
    I love soup and pizza. Could eat either every single day.

    how tall are you?

    what is your room like?
    Black bed, white sheets, white walls and self-made muse boards posted all over my vanity area. My walk-in closet is more jackets and boots than anything else... TV/DVD. You can also find stacks of fashion magazines, nailpolish, perfume and laptop on my desk.

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